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The highest waterfall in the Polish part of The Karkonosze Mountains. Its threshold is situated at the altitude of 843 m above sea level. The waterfall forms a three-level cascade 27 m high falling to the gorgeousKamieńczyk Gorge. The gorge is about 100 m long with vertical, rocky walls reaching over 25 m in height while its width at some parts is less than 4 meters. Behind the middle waterfall cascade there is a cave called“Złota Jama” [“Golden Cave”] hammered by the Walloons and famous for pegmatite and amethyst stones concentration. By the waterfall there is “Kamieńczyk” hostel and “Szałas Sielanka” [“Idyll Shelter”].

Access: from town centre along red trail (GSS) – from the knot of Szklarsa Poręba centre trails at Sikorskiego Street, or along black trail past lower station of “Szrenica” Chair Lift.

Special fees for entering Kamieńczyk Gorge

  • single admission adults – 6 PLN, concessions – PLN 3
    group: adults PLN 5, concessions – PLN 2,50

Open: everyday 9.00 am – 4 pm

Kamieńczyk Waterfall - Panorama 360

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