The gravity slide with the highest "carousel" in Poland is a crazy downhill slide over the rooftops of Szklarska Poreba.

The slide was built in the center of the city and is part of the emerging ESPLANDA Family Theme Park.

The slide, going among the trees of the park offers an amazing experience. Its speed is felt quite differently than in the open. The curves, a few ledges, waves, and the highest carousel in Poland, built on 8-meter-high supports all provide an unforgettable experience while driving.

The significant steepness of the terrain makes the carousel is 12 meters above the road number 3 and over a dozen meters above other parts of Szklarska Poreba. The passengers fall in it in carts speeding at 40km/h, thereby ending the emotional ride.

The device, although it provides a huge dose of adrenaline is very safe, provided that the outlined safety rules are obeyed. The design excludes the possibility of the cart being thrown out of the lane. There is also no possibility of reversing the cart. Centrifugal brakes watch over the maximum safe speed.

Alpine Coaster operates all year round, except for maintenance breaks in spring and autumn. Unfavorable weather, like rain and wind do not exclude the rides. In such case, special roofs are mounted on the carts to protect the passengers against bad weather conditions.

The rides are only called off in case of glaze, or heavy winds and rainfall. Nighttime slides are an absolute hit. There is lighting set along the slide, which allows having fun even after dark.

The year-long unit can be operated after dusk, due to lighting that was set up along the entire route throughout the attractive Esplanada Park. Additionally, LED lamps were lit on the pillars of the carousel.

The multicolored lighting makes the journey even more attractive. Soon, there will be new lights, revealing the details of the construction of both the slide and the ambient Family Theme Park. Everything will be ready before the winter season, when the dusk falls early.

Experts who have used similar devices, claim the Alpine Coaster in Szklarska Poreba to be one of the most interesting, and according to many, the most interesting device of this type in Poland. The device is popular not only among children and adolescents. Adults also wind it a great fun. It is not unusual to see couples with many years of marriage, riding the slide with their children, or even grandchildren.

The gravitational slide is a great recreation not only for children but for adults as well!


  • One ride - 8PLN
  • Two rides -14PLN
  • Five rides - 25PLN

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Watch the video made by Szklarnia TV - (link)